Maritime Tourism

Maritime tourism is a sector that is growing rapidly around the world and Greece is undoubtedly the ideal country. The beauty of the Greek coast offers possibilities for relaxation for all. Every year, Greece attracts tourists from all over the world, 97% of all chartered boats are rented by international customers.

Not only Greek, but also International boat rental companies are active in this promising market. There is a variety of investment opportunities and in the context of funding you should also consider alternative options, such as timeshare and cooperation with local companies.

Papanastasiou law office can help you with your investment projects in the tourism industry, helping to expedite the process – which is usually time consuming due to bureaucracy -and take all necessary steps in order to ensure that your investment is completed as soon as possible.

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Dimos-Dimitrios Papanastassiou was born in Athens in 1969 and grew up in a bilingual family. He completed his first legal state examination with a focus on business law in 1994 . Since 1997 he is a member of the Athens Bar Association and worked in the German-speaking law firm of Dr. med. Oekonomides & Partners in Athens. In 2002 he founded his own, privately owned  law office at 18 Dorileou Street in Athens.


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