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Our Office

Papanastasiou law office was founded in 2002 by lawyer Dimos-Dimitrios Papanastasiou in the center of Athens and specializes in cases, involving commercial, corporate, energy and real estate law.

Mr. Papanastasiou along with three other lawyers and a secretary are at your disposal for handling and resolving any legal issue that concerns you.

Mr. Papanastasiou , apart from his native language, Greek, advises you in fluent German and English, while an associate of the office speaks and writes fluently French.

Our law office cooperates with external consultants, such as experts, property appraisers, notaries, accountants, tax consultants and bailiffs, both in Greece and abroad.

Moreover, we maintain excellent relations and collaboration with the German Embassy in Athens and the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our law office focuses on economic law, commercial, corporate and business law, competition law, trademark law, energy law, property law, contract law and recovery of claims.

Business law covers all areas of law, which govern a legal entity or an entrepreneur in their professional or commercial activity. If you want to set up, buy or sell a Private Company (PC), General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company LLC, or a Public Limited Company (SA), then you need to comply with the provisions of Greek company law.

Mr. Papanastasiou has many years of experience in Company Law, especially in the establishment of a business and will support you as a legal advisor if you plan to start or expand your business in Greece. He will provide you legal advice and assist you to develop a plan for the completion of the business formation process.

Commercial law, as part of economic law, deals with commercial transactions and traders. Mr Papanastasiou is regularly appointed as legal counsellor in order to offer legal and viable solutions to complex commercial transactions.

Competition Law is a set of rules, which seeks to maintain market competition and prevent market distortion caused by anti-competitive practices on the part of businesses. Such intervention can also take place within the European Union.

Mr. Papanastasiou can guide you with valuable advice regarding what exactly you will need to do in order to operate your business according to competition law.

Papanastasiou law office has represented over the years many clients, including foreigners from all over the world, in real estate transactions. He conducts search of titles in the land books of any regional registry office or/and cadastre throughout the national territory, reviews notarial documents and drafts, and provides legal advice on any kind of property purchase and sale as well as property rental and leasing. Moreover, he undertakes to conduct property management upon request of clients, usually living abroad.

Mr Papanastasiou may also assist you in cases of Contract Law both at pre-contractual stage or when concluding the contract, including but not limited to drafting commercial contracts, lease contracts, general terms and conditions, always in accordance with the applicable provisions of Greek law.

Energy law is an area in which Mr. Papanastasiou has gained unique experience. Especially in the field of renewable energy sources, which have become an integral part of energy market over the last years, Mr. Papanastasiou will guide you to plan the licensing process, as well as the construction and the management of an energy park.

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Dimos-Dimitrios Papanastassiou was born in Athens in 1969 and grew up in a bilingual family. He completed his first legal state examination with a focus on business law in 1994 . Since 1997 he is a member of the Athens Bar Association and worked in the German-speaking law firm of Dr. med. Oekonomides & Partners in Athens. In 2002 he founded his own, privately owned  law office at 18 Dorileou Street in Athens.


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